Follow the title. What kind of teachers who you don't like in the class ?

the teacher who is mean, unfair, narrow mind, grumpy and negative attitude effect me so much in the class. I have had experience once when I was grade 6, my teacher came to class and assigned many works to do without explanation from her. WTF. How can I do it? I went to her and asked but she was very grumpy to me. So, I didn't want to study with her anymore. And I hate this kind of teacher very much 

what s about you guys? Did you have this bad experience with your teachers like me ? Feel free to share and I am ready to discuss :)

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  • Well, i guess the kind of teachers who actually don't give a damn and just wanna get paid at the end of the month. 


  • Hanian hashimi ka Jessie,  I like the easy going teacher. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks. 

  • Hi Jessie! Yes, I have such experience. I also don't like mean, unfair, narrow minded and grumpy teachers! I hope now you will get only very good kind and professional teachers:)

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