What is the question that upsets you most?


Some questions can be swallowed or ignored or even you can refrain from answering them.

Embarrassing, humiliating, difficult questions vary according to the person we are addressing or asking. To some people, it does not work that way and they can easily get rid of them. For instance, if you ask someone about his/her monthly salary, he or she might not feel anything about it. The answer can come casually or without any interest. Some questions are hard to cope with or deal with. Let's say that someone asks about your wife's favorite perfume. The answer to that might become a big fuss, and develops into a fight.  So, what is that question that puts you in a hole, or you become perplexed?        

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  • ıf he asked me for buying same perfume for him wife, mum or any other woman, that's OK. but of course he should know my wife and he trust her pleasure, so that means he is our good friend. otherwise he cannot asked that, he can't dare that ;)

    • Tesskur ederim Kaan! If he is a good friend, he can be tolerated. The problem with people who want to know everything about your private life. As you know, Kaan, even good friends have limits. Remember our privacy. I mean we should have some space for it. Thanks, Kaan for your nice comment on that topic.

      • Your welcome 

        • Rica ederim Kaan! I forgot to tell you that I hope I learn some Turkish sentences from you to improve my poor Turkish.Thanks again.  

          • Of course sir, I will try to best for you.

            • Ben Turkey bilmyourum. Now, I have captain Kaan. I hope to do that. Once more. Many many thanks. 

  • It depends on the relation between the questioner and the replier. If the questioner has a strong relationship with the someone, then there is no a forbidden question or answer.

      Every community has his own reservations about some questions. Generally, the questions concerning personal information are undesirable  questions.

    Thank you dara.  

    • Tamam ya ustath Tawfeeq! I strongly agree with you. From one community to the other that same question takes different shapes.  As you know, in our countries, we find it very awkward if we are asked about our salaries or how much do we get per month. The matter also depends on the relation between the two persons. The one who asks and the one who replies. Thanks, Tawfeeq for your illustrative comment. 

  • Why UPSET.. ? No one question makes me upset ?.....Can you give me an example such an  upset question ?.......a favorite parfume of my wife is Helena Rubinstein....! What is the problem here ?....stuff and nonsense discussion of topic.... I didn't like...

    • Moltie moltie grazie mio amico, Adriano Martelli! From one place to another, the same question of the perfume can be genealogical if I could use that word. I agree with you, In Italy, it might not make that embarrassment or that argument. In other places, like for instance, my country, it has many meanings. Despite everything, thanks for your point of view on my nonsense topic. 

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