What does FORUM mean?

Thanks to Josef, we have a public room here to start general topics to discuss!

To get started, does anyone know what "forum" means and how we pronounce it?

You may say : "What a silly question! Look up the word in a dictionary and you'll find your answer". But I say:" It's not useless to start such a topic. It may encourage some others -who don't know the word and its spelling already- to search and learn a new word with its correct pronunciation and use. Agree?

Moreover, it's an open discussion and I'm almost free to start any favorite topic of mine, whether you like it or not! ;)

Anyway, I like this new section. It helps us start general discussions EC-wide!!! 



Thanks a lot Mr. Essberger for your attempt to improve our net-home .

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  • This is my first time to join and share ideas with you...

    Thanks to you all for this informations..

    Peaple all ways need to share knowledge and experiences with others .this concept now a days is very popular .

    If we want to manage our future we must look back to our past...(kind of sharing)..it is all about sharing info and experiences .

  • Thanks Zahra a great start indeed. I my self didn't know the meaning thanks for the commenters for the information.

    Let us enjoy fighting opps I mean let's enjoy .... whats the suitable word here?? HELP 

  • Hi there

    What a good section.

    This was what we need exactly here.

    Let me thank you so much, Josef for having this good site and every person or source who suggested it to you, and also for adding this new part and imporoving your site every day. I'm seeing that it is better and better step by step.


    About your question Zahra, I think it’s one of the best ways for starting a discussion. We can have better discussion if we know about a topic more.

    So let me add its meaning here.


    Forum ['fɔ:rəm]

    It’s a noun and has different meaning, but what it means here is this:

    An assembly or meeting place for the discussion of questions of public interest


    Origin of FORUM

    From Latin: public place; related to Latin foris  outside, fores door

    First Known Use: 15th century


    Word Origin & History


    1460, "place of assembly in ancient Rome," from L. forum "marketplace" apparently akin to foris, foras" out of doors, outside." Sense of "assembly, place for public discussion" first recorded 1690.

  • Forums mean discussion !! isnt it??
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    • You are welcome dear Sid. 

      Thanks a lot for your nice reply. You are so true.

      Please do not underestimate your English skills. You are doing well. Your English is not weak at all.

      Enjoy your time


  • Nice topic Zahra! Yup, it's good that after reading your discussion those people who don't know the meaning and pronunciation of the word "forum" would go and see it up in a dictionary.


    Great job and keep it up.


    I agree with whatever you've mentioned about forum in your discussion.


    P.S. I'm sure that Mr.Josef must have been thinking that how impertinent girls he has got as members of MyEC.. ^_^

    • Wise reply dear Nida,

      It's a white board to be filled ! A line to write on!

      Good point,

      Thanks dear


  • An excellent question! And where does the word come from?
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