• To have friend in bed. To live together (friend in life)

    • Thank you for your response.

  • Love is a sweet dream and marriage is the alarm clock. Think it twice  ;)

    • Hi, Estanis. Thank you for your response. I can't grasp your metaphor. What does "the alarm clock" imply?

      • When the alarm clock buzzes, your dream vanishes. Gotcha?     

        • Hahaha, I got it. : )

  • Oi there, folks

       Good Lord! I hadn't the faintest idea that the previous administrator, Mr Josef Essberger has sold us out to his cousin, Joe!!! How gross!!

      But returning to our sheep, as the French would have said, there are many couples living together without any official certificate and to tell the truth, the majority of them are faring a lot better than the one possessing an official certificate of marriage.

    • Hello, Rysperski. Thank you for your response. That idea is typical of French. Their love is not tied down in any official certificate.

  • I don't want to speak about whether marrying necessary is.
    The ones say there is no need but others have an opposite opinion. It's the decision of every single couple.

    The main question is: Do they marry each other because they love each other? Is it the free will of both? Is for them the marriage what they want for their relationship? Then, nobody should judge. It's not our business.

    I think the purpose and the meaning of marrying depend on why, how, and if it's their free will to marry, and whom they marry.
    We know in many regions around our globe, there are still people who are forced to marry someone they don't know and love, and they are not allowed themselves to chose their partners. Not only woman suffer from that but also men. Both are unhappy but they can not resist the compulsion of families and society. Then, in my eyes, the term marriage is led to absurdity.
    Both partners are doomed to a life together, and they even have to meet the expectations of family and society of getting children.

    Please, do consider: I don't misjudge, I just list the facts. Arguing isn't my intention.
    That's why I speak only in General about that issue.


    • Hello, Rose. Thank you for sharing your opinion. Yes, of course, the purpose of marrying is various. and depends on the person.

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