• sun power dear.. progress, keep up with it, lol :))
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    • OK phone but whether there will be a zone? Why and camera, which you will create your captured footage if you not come back. And how long will live with chocolate: D
  • come on James, I will make it work everywhere, lol :))
    • Haha, in reality you can't, I am a IT technician, not professionally but I know it very well. Sorry! You can't make it though, unless you have a satellite spaceship for yourself only.
    • Of course I can, will start to work on it right now, lol :))
    • Haha, unfortunately you haven't got much time for it before you will be sent to the isolated Island, however, please let me know when you're going to launch your own satellite in the air, so I may use it for my laptop as well, of course, at your cost, because there is no way to pay you for the cost as you will be in Island as for a non-refoulement not to return home, haha!
  • Only 2 things:

    My laptop



    • thre things..:)
    • Hi deuce666

      The idea that the desert island you will run the Internet. And how long your computer will go without electricity? :)

    • Hey, Deuce!

      I am afraid there is no internet facility in Island, too far for the wireless connection, hahaha! So you'd better choose something else, unless you are coming with me or somebody else, but I doubt it because you may want to go with your boyfriend only, who makes you happy. Perhaps you may need a pre-survival course in advance before you go, as you should prepare yourself for the future reference, haha! You never know....!!!

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