• No other things is as important as first salary.Because first salary is not earned by us ,it is given by god.After that you will earn it will be with your own labor and hard task.

    If you get first salary,you must dedicated to either our parents or deity.

    My first salary was dedicated to my father.Because he is my guru.He taught me how to earn money and how should we use it.Easy to earn but diffcult to use it.IF you earn 100000000000000 rupees or dollor.if you don't know what is the use of this lots will lose it.If you know what is the means of 1 ruppes .you can buy a tablet and recover your cure.

    It's my opinion.

    Good question.Keep it up

  • Hi a good question, I gave it all to my family ... :) my mom, brother and sister, my niece and nephew ... I felt satisfaction, thanks God ...
  • My father told me to give it to the poor people.For thanking our God for the work.

    I shared it with my parents as being a classic way, : 


    But my following salary had been spent for a boot completely. I remember that I paid big amount to a special boot.:)) almost its price was as much as my salary.

  • I gave it to my parents in order to appreciate them for all the things they had done for me.
  • let me think......................,yeh i remember i took my family to dinner, bought some stuff for my kids sent some money to my mum and donated a little amount to charity.


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