• Love cant be represent by any phenomenon( things what we see, hear, touch, and so on( including color). Because it is totally experience and sipiritual(love definition in my conception) . Love is like driver who is drunk and have no idea about direction.He can bang into anywhere or survive. And no one can foresee what will happen.

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  • Oh, wow! Mindfreak.

  • "I think love is warm color.

    do you know warm color?

    it is forming from in your mind."

  • I think love is warm color.

    do you know warm color? it is form from in your mind.

  • I like a green color of many colors because the color give me very fresh feelings.

    And then that color also give me a feelings like grassland.

  • In my opinion, love does not have a specific color.  Love is the most powerful "force" on earth. It is not green, or blue or is more than that!   It is not material, so it does not have a color...but when you love everything is colorful, not because love has a color but because love puts color to everything!!! Love is like our pencils to bring color to our life and the life of others!  So, let us keep painting!!2644142933?profile=original

  • Love is considered to have a red color as Tanya said. Also, I agree with Mr. Josef that we have many kinds of love. But in my opinion it is impossible to discribe the love as a color for all people in common. Rose is right. Every person get own love with an own color. However these colors can replace each other during the life.

  • Black and white becuse they container all colors
  • I like what you say
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