• I had great moments in my childhood. I used to live in a farm with my family and my grandfather was alive. He used to tell me a lot of stories and sing for me, we used to play together. My sister and I used to play together in the beans and corn crops. I miss my grandfather!!

  • i miss all moments specially irresponsibility of that :)

  • Just amazing :D

  • my childhood is..awesome..gorgeous..lovely..thanks for mommy, daddy, brother, sisters...i love you all so much..thanks God for the best gift...
  • @Ulti,  cuz we have nothing to say beside you. :D 

    Well, I was not that crazy in my childhood, almost quiet. I just did things secretly and guided my elder bro to things which he might enjoy in doing it. Then, he did them and took the punishments. xD 

  • Ohhhhh,don't remind I had no exact time for eating :D

    Thanks alex for commenting here :)))))))

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    • I like a lot twin,and whatever our childhood was literally or not  it remains the best peroid.

      Thanks Tinkerbel77 for your comment.

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    • Diggy,my mom too was always promising me to take me to a wondeful place.

      But I realized later that she was doing just to get rid of me :(((((((((((((((((

  • Ulti was it awesome?

    If yes then I feel jealous :D

    • I'll tell u what i was doing in free time at school ... :D I was mixing HCL + dry cement  then ... EAT IT :D GOD .... u will kill urself sure :D or kill me instead 

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