In our society nowadays, its really hard to know who's real and who's pretending to be nice. You won't come to know if the person is sincere to you or not or he/she is saying the truth or  just lying to you. Some called it a "two-faced" person. It is someone who pretends to be your friend and then starts calling you names as soon as you left. Most of the things this person do is he/she acts like your friend and then talk something bad about you behind your back or they tell you one thing, and then they tell someone else something different. They're saying different things to other people in order to get their sympathy instead of telling the truth and behave honestly. It's like he/she smiles in front of you but deep inside he/she hates you. I experienced dealing with a person with this kind of behavior. It is really annoying to be with them. I had once dealt with a two-faced person, when i had a chat with this person, she said something good to me about my relationship, saying all the positive words and encouragement one can utter. Then after few days, i talked to a friend whom we both know and he said that this two-faced person told him something in the different way, this and that. I never thought that this person will be so mean to me. She even told my friend that she doesn't like me at all. I really don't have the idea why she did that to me. I don't know why such people can't directly say to someone that they don't like them, rather than wearing a mask. I think the best way is If you don't like a certain person then don't pretend that you do.


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      • Wow nice saying snakes from the city is more dangerous than from those in the jungle. 

        I don't like two faced in our society. I have seen many one on fb & twitter who have two faced, i don't like them , i also handle social sites but never try to have two faced i think that people tease to others. they look friendly but can't long , if someone trust them they tease them , that time they see their real face. such one i don't like 

        • @Atul: you can find them in real life too. You just have to know how to deal with such kinds. thanks for following my blogs. have a nice day!

          • @Maya: Thanks for go through my reply. I try to take my feelings out from mind especially in english , your blogs are inspiring me that i should write for something special. keep me suggest and inspire too for improving myself 


            • @Atul: I'm happy to inspire you to learn here in EC. thanks for reading my blogs. 

  • sandra sis: looool! if that's the case, then i choose to be an old-fashioned gal. hehehe! We should be the one whom should take care of ourselves when this type of person is around. thanks for the comment girl!

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