True or False

Why do most of men feel that they're stronger than women, ALWAYS?! I can't understand why they do, They often believe they're the controller and women just tools who enable them to live in happiness !!! Many of men don't care about the women, their rest, emotions, happiness and all features that every human must have in the world. Why can't they understand the meaning of human being of each one either men and women?!!

Really, sham on man who thinks about himself only

Discuss and Argue If I'm not right ..!

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    • Disagree with you becouse women combines betwen mind and emotional
      in decisions on the contrary men are not care about emotion so they think it's true or strong

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    • yes immu i know is not a general rule

  • i think the most important thing confined in responsibility

    and discretion of each of them to other and its importance in life
    especially men
    the real man


    thanks Legendary

  • Mohamed

    never i'm not  angry of men but what do you mean for women always stronger than men ?i love this discussion
    and thanks for this regards

  • In my humble opinion, there are always angels and evils existing together in each person and, of course, in each gender. In over 3,5 billion men living on this earth, requiring them to be great people with respect to women at all times, at all places is impossible because of the cultural, historic, biological reasons. Similarly, we cannot claim women for being angels on this planet.

    Accept that nowadays women in many regions over the world are still sustaining more miseries than men and a part of it deprived from men's arbitrariness. However, I believe many, many of you are being happy with a man by their side..

    •  i'm convinced for your opinion and i respect your point of view the most realistic

      thanks vvquang

  • Temo, I just feel that men treated the girls as taken for granted. It's not just they think they are stronger than us, but the point is they taken us for granted so sometimes we think they don't care about our emotions, happiness, etc. Well, that is just how i perceived it. Thanks!

    • yes Niggy i agree with you in addition appreciation and respect for womenthanks

  •'s the pride of men that made them think like that.  

    I'll be back for more!

    • thanx Anele

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