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  • Hello to everyone. I looked at the photo and it's very simply to understand for me. I read some days ago that here in Italy where I live, a mother on three dismisses herself from the work place to care about her babies from the infancy to the adulthood but this act costs a lot under the psycological profile: in fact the burden of that choice increases a lot especially in infancy and decreases with the adulthood because when a young man or a young woman reaches adulthood it means that he/she reaches a maturity that costantly will be the same for the remaining period of its life.

    Eh, that's true: being a mother with babies means that you have a double job at home to do and you sometimes have to choice what to do, but if you dismisses yourself from a sure work that could give you some pennies to save for their future, it will be hardier than when you were at work at home and in another place of work.........

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  • I remember that we, as women, were created from the a rib of a man, but man created from soil. Which one is stronger? Bone, right? I think that is the reason we' ve got more responsibility than men. We are stronger, we  are able to endure it. Besides that we are happy to do everything for the ones who we love. So, enjoy it.

  • Oi there folks,

       I reckon that if a woman is not forced to take up a job, whether be it to help her family financialy or is forced by some members of her family, then taking up a job besides being a mother with house keeping obligations depends in the greatest part how the woman copes with both works - if she feels comfortable at home and at work, the "psychological burden" is almost nonpresent or is of lesser significance. If, for instance,  her husband shares the house work and is helpful around the house all this contributes to the ability of the woman to successfully coping with the role and obligations of a mother as well as a money earning worker who takes up the other job to fulfil certain personal ambitions.

       Women are gifted with many skills and can be efficient and successfully professional workers in many fields of the economic infrastructure of any given society if not hindered by male chauvinism or other obstacles.

  • This cartoon is fun but it is a very real situation.

  • Ahib adugoot ya Hadeel. Life is full of sweet and dreadful occasions. We have to be patient if we encounter difficulties. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Hadeel,  It's not a burden. But some times women's facing psychological burdens, If they having another job. Becuase she have to carry all kind of personal and official problems. And also doesn't have too much of time to spend with their Kids and family memmebrs. 

  • Hi, Miss Hadeel, I can see your point! And I agree that the psychological burden can be immense. - Of course it depends on the general health of the woman, the number and age of her children, and the kind of workload/working hours of that job. 

    I live in Germany, and the last 20 years more and more women decide to work full time, and give their children into pre-kindergarten. I have to say I don't like this development at all.  Although, there will come a time when the children are older that I would also chose to work part-time again... but before that I would stay at home! Why becoming a mother in the first place when I want be out of the house most of the day?? Makes no sense for me. This is my personal opinion. ;)

    Okay now, I know that in many other countries mothers often have no other choice but to work, because they're single mothers, or their partners don't earn enough money to provide alone for the whole family. And I believe that a stressed out mum is neither the best mother she can be nor that she will feel happy or content at all.  And please don't forget the maternal mortality for working women is much higher. So it's not only a psychological risk.



  •   House are left upon the shoulders  of mothers   . They are the ones who endure every daily challenges  without complaints  caring for their kids and working at the same time in some cases  . It our destiny to give that's why the Paradise is under our feet . I have just wrote a short story about this topic :) by coincidence 

  • Hi hadeel, 

    I cannot comment right now on this topic cause I am still single and I don't wanna be a full time homemaker in future. In future I might share my experience,  Insha Allah :) 

    I had many colleagues who were married and had kids. They would wake up early make breakfast for family and then come to college. I would say working married women have big responsibility on their shoulders. 

  • Hi Miss Hadeel, that is why we are the creators of life because we are capable,not only to be mothers, to work, to love, to understand and much more, we are superwomen!!

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