If you want to see whether you are a psycho or not, or whether you can be a FBI special agent or not, then this is the right place!

I want you to indulge yourself in some fun for the brain with the question I am going to ask. Everybody can give different answers and every answer has its own reasons. But, there is a certain answer for the question. Before answering you can think for a while.

The teaser will be about two girls and will show if you think like a psycho or an agent. At the end of the discussion, I will say which answer is the best and we together will choose the psycho of the month. So, Are you a psycho?

There are two young girls. They live in the same house. One girl says to the other girl “I will be going out with my friends tonight, you enjoy yourself at home.” The other girl says OK. Because the girl staying at home knows her friend is out says to herself “tonight, I will sleep in my friend’s bed” and goes to sleep in her friend’s bed. Hours later, the girl who went out comes home and goes to lie down in her own bed. While she was lying down she notices a car passing through the road. Headlights of the car reflect on the clock on the wall through the window, behind the bed. The girl, with fear in the eyes, looks under the bed after the reflection of the headlights on the clock and comes across her friend’s dead body.

The question is this: You are not being asked why the girl is dead. Why did the girl, who went out, lying down in her bed and after the reflection of the headlights, look under the bed? 

Think about it…. Good luck… :)

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  • Hi dear Yasemin.

    That is not obvious to found the right answer to your test.

    I think the girl who went out knew that her life was at stake. She feared for her life (maybe did she know that she will certainly have a visit of murderer that night). So she organize a fake outgoing, making her friend think that she really go out that night. She also had to know that her friend would feel like to sleep in her bed if she knows her out (maybe because her bed is more comfortable). So when the murderer will come, he will take the friend for her.

    At her arrival at home, when the headlights of the car reflect throu the windows on the clock, she must have thought that it is the murderer who is checking that the work was well done, thus obviously she get into panic and get hided.

    I'm aware that my answer could not to be the right one. But I would know if the clock has took any role in the affair. Perhaps this will allow me to find a best version

  • This is my opinion of the case:

    I think both girls hated each other, for that reason the girl who stayed at home slept in her friend's bed.
    The other girl who went out knew that she always did it, and decided to kill her, so could put poison or something in her bed, when she went to her own bed she realised that her bed was empty and started to lie down, at that moment the car passed through and with its reflection she could see the bed untidy so she knew that her friend slept her bed and looked under the bed and saw the body.

    • So why did she hide when the car's lights enter in the room??

      What do you think about it?? I think she had to hide herself from someone!!!

      what about u?

  • Yase......Ghalia has a point, too like Junko.  I also found the answer unrealistic.  I also have Ghalia's questions in my mind!

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    • Hi Natalia and Penny,

      Thanks for ur answers. This discussion has been closed. You can compare your answers to mine on the page 12. 

      See you in another teaser :)

  • 2383440959?profile=original

    As we are closing to the end of the month, I am closing this discussion…

    My sincere thanks to all of you for kindly or psychopathly (kekeke) taking part in this teaser. The term psychopath often brings to mind images of sadistically violent individuals such as Dr. Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter in the movie “The Silence of the Lambs”. These kinds of psychos are in the last path of psychopathy. I believe that most all of us know or have exposed or been exposed to psychopathic individuals without even knowing it.

    My dear friends, if you are an emotional person, can empathize and can cry easily while watching a tragic film, then you can rejoice. Because, you are completely not a psycho. On the contrary, if you cannot empathize, show violence which is planned and emotionless, then dear friend, you hide a “monster” inside yourself. I hope that monster is a cute one :)))


    If you have still doubts about being a psycho then we can lead back to our subject. In the question, a psycho one should immediately think that the girl (who went out) holds a place in murdering of her friend; quite plainly, she killed her or she took place or she knew about the murder. If you didn’t think this way, good for you, you don’t think like a psycho. But, if you did think that way, then I advise you to go to the nearest police office and have yourself arrested, because you carry a psycho inside yourself haha :))))))

    We have many answers saying the girl killed her friend. On the other hand, nobody gave a complete, correct answer. Unfortunately, this month we don’t have a psycho of the month heheh :))) But, I want to thank Anele for her participation and insisting on being a psycho :))))) Anele turned this teaser into a funny one, of course with the others. I want to congratulate Naveed for his answer. His answer and implications were very good. Lastly, thank you all of my dear friends who joined this teaser.


    Well, you are curious about the correct answer. Here it is:

    The girl who went out is conspiring with the murderer. The girl goes out so that the murderer comes and kills her friend. The murderer kills the girl, decides to hide the body under the bed but sees a wall-clock there. Then, he hangs the clock on the wall and puts the body under the bed. But, the reason why the clock was under the bed is it is out of fix. When the girl came home, she knew about the murder but didn’t know where the murderer would hide the body. When the clock on the wall was lightened by the car headlights, she realizes that the clock shouldn’t be there but under the bed. She looks under the bed with fear in her eyes and comes across her friend’s dead body.

    Dear friends, if you thought the girl took place in murdering her friend, this still doesn’t mean you think like a psycho. There are levels of being a psycho like primary, secondary, distempered and charismatic psychopaths… You still may be a crawling baby on this way, kekeke :))))

    See you in another teaser!...

  • Hi Yase,

    I don't know which among the stories I have submitted is close to what you are looking for but let me try this one again.  Hehehe.....sorry for my long exposure here.  I am just too curious to know the real score of my assumption.


    When the girl killed her friend, she used the clock in accomplishing her bad intention.  Out of confusion and guilt, she dumped her under the bed and hanged back the clock on the wall and get out to forget what she did by having a good time outside.  She came back a bit drunk and the headlights coming from a passing car reflected on the wall and exposed the image of the broken clock to her face. The sight flashed back the incident that happened earlier and it brought fear to her eyes.  Praying that everything was just a dream, she looked under her bed and came across the dead body of her friend.

    • Now, you really got sidetracked Anele! hahah :)))

      • yeah.........but I have produced you different angles of the story.

        • Yeah, and you are the best lol :)))))))

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