• Alash ma bigiti akoon wahid min ashabik? Dear Aneille, Can you see Dracula? You might get a lot of vocabulary from that movie. I hope to be one of your friends, may I? Thanks. 

  • Your life will be empty and devoid of meaning until you look at:

    Movies Vocabulary | Vocabulary | EnglishClub
    This page shows the basic vocabulary we use when talking about movies and films. With example sentences. For ESL learners.
  • Hello there,

    You might want to consider choosing a method to learn English with movies, once you've chosen a movie you want to watch and learn from. I think the best movies are the ones you enjoy watching, why not re-watch them but now with English subtitles (or with no dubbed audio if that's the case).

    I've written an article about how to learn English by watching movies, so if you need any motivation feel free to look around:

    Good luck and keep it up!

    5 tips to learn English through movies and TV shows
    I am a firm believer that movies and TV shows should be implemented in every language learning process. It’s the best way to surround yourself with E…
    • thanks a lot :))))

      • You're most welcome!

        Good luck :)

  • "You've got mail," "The Terminal."... a lot of Tom Hank's movies, I like them and give it highly recommended. In Netflix, you can apply English subtitles, which help a lot in learning, especially in listening. These two movies have been my material of English class with my teacher, I worked on them for one week, so I knew quite a bit of its details. Feel free to discuss it with me if you wish, and I would like to and be pride too.

    • thanks tony for this precious informations, surely I'll watch them

  • Lol My Friend, My humble suggestion is ; To watch  The Walt Disney movies ...

  • Chaplin movies ↓


    • Lol Mary,   .. You are funny, I love you ! Huh


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