Should Teachers Give Homework?

How do you feel about homework? Do you think teachers should give homework every night? Should elementary school children have homework? In some countries, parents are trying to ban homework. Many parents think children should have the freedom to explore, discover, and read for pleasure after school. Some teachers agree. Other people think reviewing lessons after school is an important stage of learning and preparing kids for the workforce. 

What do you think? We received this question via twitter today! 

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  • In my opinion, giving homework should be limited in elementary school. I agree with the point of views that giving a large volume of homework will prevent children from exploring, discovering the world around, enjoying their childhood and learning life skills as well. As for subjects which need to be practiced usually, teachers may give homework twice per week or at the weekend so that children would keep their mind enough busy with essential knowledge.

    In Vietnam now, our children have to learn too much, beside the main class at school, they also face a burden of homework and often are recommended to attend the extra classes of their homeroom teacher if they do not want to be classified at a low level at the end of semester. Giving too much homework and extra classes is killing a young generation in my country.

  • Yes, teachers should, of course, give homework. Homework helps the students to think deeply by giving them research papers or answering some difficult algebra equations. This will also help them to practice the lessons of what they have learned form school.But as for my opinion, homework should be given from Monday to Thursday only. On Fridays, the children must have time to relax, they shouldn't be given some assignments. The children as being humans can also feel tired, worried, mad and pressured. Let's think of this way; what if the pupil has an assignment and suddenly he saw his other friends who don't have any things to do. That pupil might feel mad about his situation that instead of playing or relaxing, there he is, he is busy doing his assignment. He might also feel mad about his teacher. Having this kind of feeling is not healthy for a child/ person. Also, even though he is already doing his assignment, he won't feel happy doing it, so the results of the assignment may not be that good or correct because the pupil is thinking of something else. Homework should be given only on Mondays-Thursdays only and the children must be oriented with this as a rule so that they will bear it in mind and this will be a natural thing to do.

  • in my opinion teacher

  • well.. I've had students that ask for homework, or extra practice, but when you assign them a homework, or bring worksheets, or online exercises, they don't want to work. 

    In other cases, they don't bring their homework for a or b reason, and of course, there are some who "pay" others to do the homework for them. And of course there are those who like to "copy & paste". 

    So, I guess it's better to have lessons in class. Then you can see they are working. 

  • May we aren't intrest in learning all o f usefull knowledges,but it's usefull!

  • For children (and for not so children) almost every day, specially if it is about learning lenguajes.

    You don't know the fighting I have with my children every day to do the homework, but sure it makes them to avance faster.

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    • I agree, there needs to be a happy medium.

  • In our country there is so much homework letf for the children after school,if the teacher didn't give home work to the children,their parents will ask the teacher why not?Believe it or not,the truth is so brutal,because the competition is so fierce,nobody can escape,even the children!!!

    1. I feel that is a way to force student revew their lessons.
    2. Yes.
    3. Yes
    4. If children didn't play enough...they will not be able to study well.

    PS: If the child didn't want to stop playing that means that he didn't meet the right of


  • Every students need to do homework. But choosing what kind of lesson or review is depend on teacher.
    I would like to tell one of my teachers when I was a kid. She use to give homework for all students. But she give light homework such as filling the blanks, True or false, reading paragraph, etc. but all of the homework could be done in a few minutes.
    She use to give more homework for weekends. She use to recall the previous lesson on every Monday. So all student need to review the lessons. She use to make a rivalry for all group which include 6 students. It was very funny and all students willing to percitipate.
    Now a day, teacher like this one is very rare and also the students who really want to do like that.
    Students is responsible for doing homework. Teacher is responsible for choosing and using any method to give homework....
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