How do you feel about homework? Do you think teachers should give homework every night? Should elementary school children have homework? In some countries, parents are trying to ban homework. Many parents think children should have the freedom to explore, discover, and read for pleasure after school. Some teachers agree. Other people think reviewing lessons after school is an important stage of learning and preparing kids for the workforce. 

What do you think? We received this question via twitter today! 

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  • yes homework should be
  • Well I think it's a matter of planning and homework is essential for future planning especially when you have goals to achieve.the only recommendation will not be to ban homework but to follow a schedule that doesn't clog the student with so much work at home.more practical parent to child homework should be applied
  • I'm a student. And homework is one of my main problems. All troubles are from homework. I don't sleep enough, I don't read interesting books. I do my homework! It's not very bad, but it's too big. And sometimes I think, if we spent ALL our day at school but didn't have any home tasks, we would be happier, than now. At least, I would.
    Anyway, we should have less homework...

  • Teacher must give home work alternative dates.... this is must one...

  • I think homework is important in child's education. Actually, assignments have many purposes. One of this ,is it helps the student to build a great study habit pattern. It also serves as way of reviewing of past lessons that had been tackled. However, in giving the assignment teacher must consider the right day of giving it. According to study, students should not be given any form of assignments during weekends because these days must be solely for family and enjoying the rest days from school.

    I hope I was able to help. Thank you guys :D

  • Hi! I know that homework helt students to know how do they do the selt-learn, also they should memorise some ideas and information especially to make their own mark.So I support give homework without exaggering fore sure. This is just may opinion.

  • To me, i think sometimes teachers should give their student homework because it will help them to review the lesson they've learned before and to well repair for the coming test. But i don't want to have homework every night, i can't arrange time to complete all of them and then start to see something for the next day lesson... i almost spend the whole night  doing that. Sometimes this gets me dizzy and make me have a thought to leave it behind but then i try to calm down by saying ' mom will bake a cake if i have good mark ^_^' Anyway if we can balance the time between homework and entertainment, homework is not our problem :)

  • Surely the home work should be to given by the class teacher to the students not every day... but it can be alternative days.


  • I prefer to have home work every alternate days....during elementary level only they need to concentrate and create their own base otherwise it would be difficult for them to create their own base... I do not think that Indian parents are not against the home work... some of the parents are sending their children for a special class in the morning before going to school and in the evening also after one or two hours play children are sent for another class..  Here my suggestion is, this is the correct age where we can learn more and more and put a proper base....

    We have a proverb: when we can not do in the age group of 5 we will be able to do in 50....


  • I just want to share my experience when I was in elementary school. I found some of my friends lacked of interested to read book. They prefer playing football, watching TV or another kind of activity that allow them to feel enjoyment without everything that they got from their teacher in classroom. So homework in my experience was the method that my teacher used to control their students of wasting time when they back to home. But they also pay attention on our bored, so that assignment only given to the students gradually. Maybe only 3 a week we got our homework and we still have another time to relax with our another activity and when I got free day from my homework, my parents recognize  me some of good books that had a great content and attracted my curiosity, so I got my assignment and I got my time to relax with my pleasure time.


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