We are getting selfish day by day . if we notice around us everyone is busy with his own family where parents are not included. Our parents put up with a lot of sacrifice for growing up us but they r neglected in our family.we have no time for them. We just running behind money which never bring true happiness in our life. If u earn much money another crisis will come in your life. We always busy with our business but don't have time to do something who r starving day to day around us. If we want from our heart we can do something for them . There are many people around us who has no shelter for sleeping, no clothes and foods. We have ability to arrange some food or clothes but we have lost our humanity. We are getting blind so we can not see their sorrow. We can not stand beside them because we are selfish. Everybody forget it what will happen after our death .nobody remind me so why doing this? Everybody should do something for the needy.

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  • Please... speak for yourself. If you're living such a life... change it! 


  • Woah! You're the life of the party...


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