Principles of Chatting

It’s a long time I’ve been here and I’ve experienced so many conversations with different people from different cultures. There are some principles that I think should be discussed in order to make it clear “How Do We Have a Respectful Conversation With a Stranger?!”.

Using some words like “Darling”, “Barbie girl”, “Sweetheart” and etc. is harsh when you’re chatting with a person for the first time. Of course there are some other words that I can’t express here. People should be close enough to use such words.

Asking some question like “How old are you?”, “Are you married?”, “Why haven’t you got married yet?”, “How much is your salary?” needs getting permission. Respecting other’s privacy is very important. Be careful about it.

I just mentioned these two points. Please share your ideas. Let’s make a clear principle of chatting.

When someone crosses the lines I usually stop chatting and I think it’s the only way to respect myself and the person at the same time. What do you do in such conditions?

The photo is a screenshot of a conversation that have been stopped by me and that’s how the person is continuing it. I don’t want anybody to know the person but I hope the person reads this discussion and your precious comments to know where he got it wrong in the way.

Thank you all.


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  • hello Soheila, there are a lot of people who come here, do not want to know your principles.
    They have them own principles and goals. there is not any use to teach adult people and there is only one decision for this problem, "stop list" must works properly.

    • Thanks for your comment dear friend. 

  • Hi....Soheila, this good discussion.For chatting we have to be maintain some principles, actually we are all unknowns here and from different countries, that's why we have to behave polite even we know that person long time also giving respect is good, this all I Max follow, mainly we are for learning English, and some knowledge, that should keep remember.

    In my point of view, always asking about personal questions aslo not good.

    Some people thought chatting is not good but it is good to improve functional English, and communication.but its depends on person... 

    • I'm agree with you my friend... thanks for your comment. 

  • Hi Shoelia,

    I think this person and people like this are ignorant, uneducated, uncultured and ... rude. I have seen many people of this type in my life, I still see them.

    When talking to the someone for the first time, first of all, we have to think that the other person is also a human. It doesn't matter if it's a man or woman!

    Even if the person you're talking to is a woman, you should be more careful and respectful. Because women represent humanity, existence, motherhood, elegance ... and many beatiful things! Can we think a world without them? They are not "thing" or "tool"! I know and I'm sure that if there  was a competititon about who was more humane, women would win. And about courage, definitely women would win!

    Thank you for reminding me of these Shoelia :)

    I'definitely agree with you with my full support ;)

    • Thank you so much Mr. Evsen for sharing your thoughts. Actually maybe this is another women's moral that I want to aware such people. 

      • I just remembered the facts that should be universal thanks to you. I hope same things like you.

        For a better world, see you!

  • Hi Shoelia, I agree with you in everything that you mentioned in your discussion, from my point of view , the reason of each person is different and every person is  a world.take care

    • Thank you so much for your comment. Yes you're right, different people... different words... different cultures... different actions.

  • Mutashakrim Soheila wa nakran nabash! Don't you ever pay any attention to those banalities or insignificance talk! If you are respectable, your talk will be respectable too. My own advice is to ignore such trivialities. A very interesting topic!

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