• Well, it's better if you memorize it by understanding it

    • Terima kasih banyak Emy Manggeury! Thanks for your comment. Is it possible to be one of your friends? My Indonesian language needs some pushing. I will really be glad if you agree to be one of my teachers. Thanks again. 

  • Hello Dara,  I found it as a very simple topic to leave comment for EC...One of the pre-school topics in my land....Have a nice day

    • Tutavia grazie, Andriano Martelli. Thanks for your time reading it. 

  • Even in practice one needs to have "concentration".  Without concentration no practice is perfect.

    • Bilkul sahih Mishaikh sahib! I totally agree with that. Of course, if we do something without putting our attention in it, it would be aimless and probably, it might not go the same way we intend for it to go. Thanks, Mishaikh for your nice comment.

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