People, every now and then feel nostalgic. Nostalgia is a  sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time ( A person like me, who has lived in many different countries for a longer period of time, long for many different things of the past. Music is one thing that can take you in the past very quickly. Some past favorites songs, can bring back the sweet memories that you had once associated with them. Books, people, food, old electronic appliances and cars can also take you down the memory lane. 

Which of the above mentioned things make you nostalgic? What are the sweet memories of the past that you miss a lot? Is being nostalgic a negative thing or positive? Please share your thoughts....

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  • Nostalgia is the worst b**ch

    I used to like that nostalgic-kind-of- 'romantic' feeling some years ago, and when i was younger.  I used to see nostalgic like golden memories of the past.
    Now i know it's just the idealization of stuff we experienced. It's tricky. Things in the past weren't better or worse. Things in the past weren't 'different'. We were. Because were were younger and extremely passionate (hormones play an important role here) and we were experiencing things for the first time. 


  • None of them. Pictures of my dog are the only things that give me that kinda feeling. Otherwise I always prefer the present moment! :-D

    Greetings! ;)

  • Thanks for your comment and appreciation for the topic. You're right, you can become nostalgic when you are already down emotionally.

  • Those sweet memories of the past is a bliss to have.

  • I feel nostalgic when I go to Flower City to visit my granpa's grave and granma in hero's garden at Pahlawan Road. I used to play with my Barbie dolls fed them talk to them pretending to be in soap opera when there was only one Ken doll.

    With my cousins and sisters we watched Nighmare on the street Freddy Kruger on video.

    We cooked pizza, havermouth porridge brown sugar toast and much more.

    I also learned how to draw using my Granma coloured pencils. I called her Oma Sukaesih because all my family called her the same.

    My granpa praised me when I was 1st ranking twice in my elementary school. Sadly Oma and Opa died. Miss you much.

  • I never lived in Karachi, but I think it must be like most of the metropolitan cities of the world, a lot of hustle and bustle.:)

  • You're right, humans are bestowed with this great blessing of memory.

  • Hello Shoaib Yunus !

    True. People miss things which made them happy once. No matter where it was and what surrounded us. We are ready to return those happy moments again and again with songs, books, food etc. But all pleasant memories are temporary. In my opinion the most important are people who were with us at that time. All of those nostalgic things will not replace those people and the past will stay in past without them.
    Pesonally, I prefer not to remember negative things. I like to recall sweet moments. But inside, I am realist. I try to refresh my happy moments in reality.
    Maybe when I am too old I will live with my memories only. :D

  • While agreeing totally with Onee, what I miss the most is the "commotion of life back there in Karachi, Pakistan. 

  • You're absolutely right that we should not think of the past (no matter good and bad) and miss what the present is offering us. In today's fast pace life, very few people are actually lucky enough to think of the past that much. However, savoring the sweet moments of the past is also a very delightful experience.

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