Mustard Green Plants

What do you think about this?

These leafy veggies are available in several different varieties and all of them offer a plethora of health benefits, making them, dare I say, magical.
Which ways will you bring this special flavor to your table? Drop a comment below with your most magical mustard green ideas.

For more information about growing leafy greens in the vegetable garden, take a look at this photo.



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  • plethora is a good, high level vocabulary word and you used it correctly.

    Most leafy green vegetables are good for you.  We also have Mustard plants here in the Southern US.

    I prefer Kale but not curly Kale and here most Kale is curly kale :(  

    • Thank you for your kindly reply. :)

  • Look at the featuring picture, we have a different kind of mustard greens here. We commonly cook it as a stir-fried vegetable with garlic, salt, and sugar. For noodle lovers, this vegetable is also used as a topping besides mushroom and chopped meat.

    • In this case, I don't use mushroom. And I don't often cook mushroom with mustard greens soup.

      For pork soup: These vegetables are also used as a topping besides around 3 slices of ginger raw and chopped meat. 

      Thank you for your kindly reply. :) :) @Peony 

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