If your country were represented by food, what food would you like your country be represented by?

And same question with an animal and a flower/plant/tree.


For my country (Spain), I would pick:

A food: Spanish Omelette. Simple, nice, and... who doesn't like potatoes?! :P 

An animal: I'd like it to be the Iberian Lynx.

A plant/flower: the red carnation.

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  • Erm well, I wasn't asking about popular places but thanks anyway; these are very beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing :)

  • Hey Svitlana, thanks for giving us another point of view to represent Ukraine!

    Oh storks! they are so cool ^_^ And you're right, they are very common characters in very old fables. I also love these fables!

    I didn't know marigolds were your national symbol, that's a nice flower.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your culture :)

    • Hello, dear Mary! It is my pleasure.
      You know, marigolds are famous here. Even nowadays people like to plant them.

    • Yes, we have at least 3 kinds of Marigolds in the village.

    • You are right, Roma. We have many sorts of these flowers. This spring I have sown the seeds of them everywhere. I fond of Marigolds. 2394183227?profile=original

    • Beautiful!

      So, will you take the pictures of them, this Summer?

    • Sure. I will try. I hope the weather will be good and my flowers will grow fast. 

  • Hi, dear Mary! Your discussions are always so creative! As far as I see, you propose US to choose what would represent our countries in different nominations! Right?

    So, my country and its official national symbols are well-known round the world. For those who may not know, they are:

    The national bird: a bold eagle.


    The national animal: a Nothern bison.


    The national tree: an oak.


    The national flower: a rose.


    The national food: a hamburger and and an apple pie.



    But if it were me who had to choose our nominants, I would make some other choice.

    Food: barbecue. Grilled food is our favorite. i n the South, we grill everything we see  including (you won't believe!) pickles!


    An animal: as I represent the State of Florida here, I would choose an alligator and a squirrel. The first are almost  sacred animals as we are not permitted to run over them when they lie across the roads or to kill them if they just walk on their business through our yards or towns. The others are so numerous and so toothy that are able to eat up all Floridian plants soon.




    A plant: speaking about Florida and other Southern states, I would say it is a Southern oak while the official symbol of Florida is a coconut palm. Coconut palms were mostly planted by Europeans while Southern oaks are relict and had grown on this land long before Columbus. I live in Crystal River town. It is a wild life refuge with many Southern oaks and mangle trees all around. So many great movies including Tarzan were shot there! So, in our area one can feel like in the relict jungle!


  • Hi Mary :-)

    At first, I couldn't pick only one name:( Sorry to make my list too long as I like all of them so much I was confused what to retrench :))

    I'm from Bangladesh.

    • Foods: 1. Pitha.

                       2. Vat, Mach Vaja, Dal.

                       3. Tehari.

                       4. Achar.

    • Animals: 1. Royal Bengal Tiger.

                          2. Chital Deer.

    • Plants/Flowers: 1. Water Lily - Shapla (Bloom all the seasons in Bangladesh).

                                    2. Krisnochura (Bloom In spring & summer).

                                    3. RadhaChura (Bloom In spring & summer).

                                    4. Golden Shower Tree (Bloom In spring & summer).

                                    5. Palash ful (Bloom In spring & summer).

                                    6. Jarul ful (Bloom In spring & summer).

                                    7. Kodom ful (Bloom In Rainy season).

                                    8. Kash ful (Bloom In Autumn).

                                    9. Shiuli ful (Bloom In Autumn & Late Autumn).

                                    10. Gada ful (Bloom In Winter).

    Oops, so long list of flowers:)) I couldn't retrench the flower list because when they bloom in the specific season they bloom along & paint the whole nature with their colors, especially the spring flowers. :))

  • difficult to imagine

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