money and happiness

Of course, every one of us wants to be happy in his life. How do we do that?

Is it possible to buy happiness by money? I have a lot of money; does that mean I am happy? If the answer is yes, it means that poor people are not happy. Depression and other distressing thoughts, do they have anything to do with happiness? Can we be happy by our quality of thoughts?

Many questions, I hope to find some answers for them, thanks for your contributions.  

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  • Hello Dara. If your question is: Can money buy happiness? I firmly answer: YES. Let me explain more :) With money, we can provide healthy food, good education, and totally create a decent life. Furthermore, we can help people by donating. We have the power to save underprivileged children and lead them to a better life. That's really so many amazing things we can do with what so-called "Money". But, here's the thing. Money also be able to make us POOR! Poor of conscience, poor of humanity, poor of happiness, poor of generosity. When we don't utilize it wisely when we spend it on bad things, we lose. In conclusion, it's not about that money. It's all about us. The key is not on money. The key is on us.  Happiness is not a cause, happiness is a result. That's why poor people still happy even when all they have only water and bread.  - Peony

  • Hello. I am not wealthy by the way but I have a healthy beautifiul family. I have been working with my wife for 10 years (we have been running a small busines)One day I decided to start buying lottery, what if I am the next who will win the jackpot. Since that day I am woried to not win a big amount of money, since I do not want to my life beeing change in an unpredictable way. Would be great just win enough money to buy two apartemants and to rent them.So I would not have to work , just spending more time with my family.

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  • Buying happiness isn't possible, but money can help being happy. Money give us to have an access to bettermedical care and living in better conditions. But doesn't give us real friends and family.

  • I feel contentment the key to happiness.

    We need money of course  for our basic needs which  would makes  us happy in that sense . real happiness   is being active  and content  ...

    • Akuhumuda Nadira!  They say that contentment is an endless treasure. Thanks for your nice comment.   

  • Khudak ki kasam, main tum ku itifaq hain, Azharudeen Said sahib. I really agree with that kind of opinion. We need the partner to share our lives with. By the way, is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks.

  • Kiya haal hain Akashaya Biswal? Ka ha tum? Long time, my dear good friend. I hope you and your family are in a good state. You are right, money is not that matter for us to be happy. Satisfaction is a great treasure. Thanks, Akashaya.  

  • Money cannot buy you happiness until and unless your happiness lies in materialistic things. To which I don't disagree. Sometimes even that's important. Money helps you buy COMFORT but not happiness. Paradise is pointless if you have no one to share it with you...
  • I think money is not a matter to be happy. It is inner state of being. If we are satisfy with our job, then we are happy.

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