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    • Anele! THUMBS UP! :D 

  • Well, I don't prefer it for a simple reason that men are easily affected by young girls. I'm talking in a general speaking not all men are like that, but at least MOST. =))

    Therefore, men will regret their marriage and then they may deceive their wives. The life between them will be miserable. 

    Mostly, men who are attracted by elder women, I mean who want to marry from such women, have some gabs in their lives and want to fill it up. 

    However, there are some happy stories from such marriage. =))

    • Thanks for your comments, Pearl. What's wrong about willing to fill up the gap in lives?

    • yours, Pearl?

    • Great! at least someone support me. :D 

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  • Hmmm's possible if the age gap is not so wide because the wider the gap is, the difference is so pronounced.  Some men prefer women older than they because of dependence.  We can't deny the fact that women decide better than men when it comes to family matters.  Being old is always equated with being wise.   Serious men look for mature women who are more capable of handling relationship very well than younger naive women.  

    But most of the prefer younger women than older women.

    • You are totally right.

      "the wider the gap is, the difference is so pronounced." well-summarized.

      In each level of our ages, we are changed...(Our mood, our thinking and even our dreams sometimes). So Imagine a girl in her forties with a man in his twenties!! and the vice versa.


      That is why I don't support such marriage; however, if I love someone old, I may do it. Love is blind as they say. :D 

    • Yeah..........What a very convincing answer!  Who would imagine that the likes of a man in his twenties will be the same likes of a woman in her forties?  Unless he has the mind of a psycho!

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