• Really? :D Glad to hear that.

    • Wow! I like too, wonderful quote.

      • It seems you changed your mind, Ed. lol

        • ...Not really about the guy married with old woman this is same,  I still think that a  guy married whit  very old woman does not work now, I agree with  The Legend "Women are like fine wine, the older they get, the better they taste".

          My best regard


          • Poor very old woman, even if she's pretty. Maybe she better prepares to die.

            • I can see that some people are seeing the love too perfect like a fairy tale. The human love isn't not perfect. The unique perfect love is the love of God, if a pretty very old woman want to fallow in love  she should seek a guy that is   same age or close age.


              • If human love itself is imperfect, then why are we busy ourselves by searching spouse in certain age? Besides, who said that there's a warranty that the younger woman-older man marriage is the best way to create the happiness? I think it depends on them who will run the relationship to decide. If they like each other, love each other, no matter how imperfect it is because, as you said, that there's no perfect human love, it's they right to be together.

                Well, I don't know about you but my parents ages were ideal according to your standard, my mom was three year younger than my father, nevertheless they divorced in their fifth year of marriage. And there are many many other couples divorced though they met your standard about the couple ages.

                I know we have different opinion in this case. :) But, peace!

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    • Ot's true. Thanks for your comment, Georja.

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    • Right.

    • Hi Tanyania ,

      Yes tanyania you are absolutely right , if He loves truly , he will not see age ,

      because love never see  age , even face. it sees only mutual attraction .

      Subhash Jain.   

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