• Yes, dear Glosky, right, canvas. And not only we paint on it throughout our lives. Everyone who appears in our life leaves some paintings on it...Parents leaving oil and acrylic paints...which usually last forever...maybe teachers leave their tracery same as the family...Then there come friends or acquaintances...some paint our canvas with beautiful ornaments and designs..others just leave some sketches or spots...either plain or colorful..or dark and dirty. Depends on who we let leave the trace. There are many people who just come to leave their footprints with dirty shoes...what to do...It's up to us either let them do this..or not...Finally, we can always put some more layers to cover unpleasant to eye parts of the canvas.

    Agree. No doubts. )))

  • La vida es bella 😉

    Te amo la vida ❤🌹⚘

  • Thank you  for your post, here's  what inspired me to write:

     Yes! Life starts as empty canvas

     A mother’s gentle touch first fills our canvas life.

    New born is meant to recognize family’s smiles

    People and things becoming dear ones

    Then, childhood times our canvas fills

     with stories, games, and make believes

    Stand up and learn the need to earn:

    Points, stamps or stickers, each, for studying hard.

    Teens age is filled with exam after exam

    Cram schools, spun feeding hopes

    “For better jobs choice”, they said.

    But sigh, nobody taught us how true love’s found

    Nor friends who’d fit to us like vanilla and ice.

    For such, we’re bound to learn from errors and mistakes

    The broken hearts, a life’s most haunting game

    Some playing in a loop but most, in lifetime, at least once.

    And later on, when we are just about to finish

     At a last touch we’re out of color, doh!   

     Forced to sign out in only black and white.

    But before that, let’s take a glimpse at our almost finished canvas

    And people say that what we see depends of what we seed.

    I wish your canvas joyful, bright, plenty of colors filled

    and tons of love and sweetest smiles may your surroundings bring. 


    • Helen S....Great comment. Thanks for sharing. Loved that. Is the wording yours? 

    • Thank you for your kindness, I was worried that my comment could be too  long, but yes indeed,  it was a pleasure to  humbly share my own thoughts,  couldn't help it,  haha  came out as a poem.  I shall say that I liked and couldn't agree more with your own thoughts shared in the 4th of september comment.  Good day filled with smiles to you and everyone. 

  • I have heard this saying long time ago an had believed it. As long as you try, you can draw the life picture you want it to be. Later, I realized what drawing tool you have, your drawing skills, the drawing ideas etc.. which you might not realize but all have impact on your drawing. Sometimes life is happy and exciting and sometimes life is challenging. Sometimes,you feel life is under your control, sometimes life is chaotic. But it doesn't matter. Embrace it, do what you can do and be proud of yourself. End of day, your life drawing is truly unique in this world and is the one only belongs to you. 

  • Life is a line that begins with the first second of life and has an unknown length.

     Past, present, and future are the tenses of this line.

    In the course of  life, the line length of the tenses shifts with the exception of the one, the present.

    The present acts like a slider, but moves forward only in one direction and shifts the past and future parts of our life.

    The present takes a second from the future and shifts it with the next beginning second into the past.

    We know how long the past has lasted, but we do not know the remaining time of the future.

    It's not always in our hands how we can fill the time of life but we can do our best.


    • "We know how long the past has lasted, but we do not know the remaining time of the future."  -- Love this Rose! Very true indeed.  Thank you for engaging with my post. Glad to see you here.

    • Welcome dara. Mabuti naman at mahal mo ang positive always

    • Maraming salamat Glosky! Thanks for your positive reply. 

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