Let's learn how to speak English fluently

Don't ashamed, just speak English by your feeling, don't want to be sensitive for using correct grammatical rules, only try to increase vocabulary and repeat them more and more, just it all, so enjoy it. for getting more information about it contact me, I enjoy to help you as my new friends so if you like you can add me in your skype list as: mansoor.mansoory1. I'm awaiting your nice reply anxiously, so don't waste time - HURRY UP, please.
Good luck.

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  • Dear Mr.Mansoor... I fully agree with your views... We should not hesitate to speak in English.... we can start speaking in English whatever we know... side by side we need to learn grammar so that we can improve the same quickly... thanks for posting this message....

    • Dear Selvakumar,
      Thanks for confirming my views, be successful in learning English.

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