Let's imagine the following situation:

You bought an old house.

During the renovation of this old house, you find a very old wooden box in the attic. The box is locked, but you cannot find the key to this box.

You shake the box and like a miracle, the lock opens by itself.

You're excited and curious and want to know what's in this box. You open the box, take out the content, and are shocked.

What's in this box and why are you shocked about it?


I am now telling you about my idea of the contents of the box:

In this box are many small drawings that show a woman wearing clothes that appear to be from the 17th century. What shocked me is the fact that this woman looks like me. Your resemblance to me is amazing when I don't think of old-fashioned clothes and hairstyle.
I just wonder how that can be. I am shocked and speechless.


 Now it's your turn to tell us what you've found in the box.


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  • As you read through the letters, you begin to piece together a story of forbidden love. It seems that the previous owner of the house was involved in a secret affair with someone from a different social class or background, making their love impossible in the eyes of society. The letters speak of clandestine meetings, stolen moments of happiness, and the pain of being apart. kutombana nairobi escorts nairobiraha kenyan escorts kenyan porn telegram porn somali porn

    What shocks you the most is the raw emotion and intensity of the words, as well as the realization that this hidden story has been a part of the house's history all along. It's a glimpse into the lives of people who once lived in the house, a reminder that every place has its own secrets and stories waiting to be uncovered.

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  • As you open the box, you find a collection of old, yellowed letters tied together with a faded ribbon. Each letter is addressed to a different person, Mobile toilets Kenya but they all share a common theme—they are love letters. The letters are beautifully written, expressing deep love, longing, and passion. aviator What shocks you is not just the content of the letters, but the realization that they were written by someone who lived in the same house many years ago.

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  • Hi Iris! In order for me to get shocked by the content of an old wooden box, it has to be something mysterious. I would even say something which defies laws of nature. Something which consists of three halves.


    But honestly finding the information about siblings which I thought I never had would do as well))))

  • i found in the box a gold ring with a letter written in ink .it looks as it is written to today whe do you think is wriiten in the letter ,by the way only three words were wriiten what are they ?

  • ''the 17th century''

    Oddly specific. Also, what a bleak time to be around. Rose, you never cease to amaze me.

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  • Inside the box, I found an envelope, above it is written: "to everyone and none".Then I opened it and it says

    "search for yourself until you find it, and when you find it, you have found the meaning of your being !!!!".

    • This is so cheesy I can actually smell it.

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