• 1. I hope my family and friends are always safe and healthy, and happy.

    2. I hope those who work hard for their dreams can be lucky.

    3. I hope I can learn as much as I can and experience as much as I can as well. [Maybe travel the world!]

    • Thanks, dear Bea!

    • Good to see some selfless answers!
  • BE  the best   child  to my parents 

    Be the best  wife  to my husband  

    Be the best mom   to my daughter  :)

    • i love your wishes, i hope u ll be so

    • Best Reply 

    • good and wise wishes nadira 

    • Yes it is m, thank you  Itaf

    • Wishing is as  good as day dreaming  Bea  , thank you  for you kind comment 

    • :) nice answer!
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