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    • haha! nice one

  • 1- people of palestine will live in peace ;

    2- my family would live in happiness

    3- i would live in lovely atmospher

    • Nice, thanks
  • 1- To be hopeful all the time.

    2- To see my family around me all my life.

    3- To be healthy, wealthy ,and happy :)

    • good stuff!


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    • wow!

      good luck!

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    • Thanks for sharing your nice answers.

      what 5 languages would you like to master?


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    • thats a nice wish x 3

  • I don't need 3 wishes, one wish can works for me...

    I wish I could turn back the time and start my life with all the experiences that I got until today...

    Once I came to this planet just for experience all the things...

    And another time came to just LIVE MY LIFE...

    • Interesting!
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