• ... because I'm an introvert I prefer to talk with one person at a time. So there is no chat room in the world I'll find attractive. I do like to have deeper conversations or funnny chats with friends on Skype, though. ;-) On very few occasions, when I don't work or flee from the real world, I chat on EC for some time. That's the only use a chat room has for me. :)

    Greetings! :)

    • You would fit into the current EC Chat well - it is often just 1 person waiting for someone with whom to chat 

  • Well , when I first logged in here about 5 years ago  , there were many active members in the chatroom.  

             But now things have changed  . We can used it again and make it as active as it was  and I don't use it now because  I have no friends to chat with now beside I am too busy to talk  with someone  for a long time . 

        Actually , the chat room need someone to give an interesting  topic for members to chat in . Also someone who lead the whole conversation and end it in a certain time  . 

          Finally , I do admit that I have gained  fluency  from chatting online here . It is a great idea to have a chat in English. 

    • Yes when I quit viisting in 2014 the EC chat had many active people from different regions.  I quit because of the fact I started teaching in China and  in my off time I was still often helping existing students there.

      Not sure how to revive EC chat but undersatnding why people aren't chatting here is a first step.  Raise awareness.

  • Not particular but surely general reasons could be lack of people,  time differences, or obviously impossibility to synchronise our leisure time.

    • I was curious how people would respond.  You are one of maybe 20 that has visited the chat.  Not sure if the problem is lack of active members - is EC down to just a handful of people who visit or if people are active but only is select groups.  I was hoping ton find out.  

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