I cannot see members' names who like my blog post.

Greetings,I cannot see members' names who like my blog post when I click on " like " below my blog post. Seven members like my new blog post, but I cannot find all of them.I only found two of them in my page.Why cannot I see them in below of my new blog post when I click it, please?If you help me, I will be happy.Thanks in advance,

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  • Sir Josef,

    English Club is very kind with me. All teachers help me very much. English Club permitted me that I tell my feelings in my blog in the best way. I updated my last blog (Iran's brilliant civilization) several times and English Club approved me.

    The above subjects are very beautiful for me that makes me forget my network, forget my technical problems.

    The above subjects encourage me for learning English more and more.

    Sir Josef,
    No problem, if parts of the site is blocked in my country. It is important for me that you answer me kindly.

    I hope to see you and my kind teachers in my country one day and be a good translator for all of you. Please, you know Iran has many nice historical places.

    Thanks a lot and best wishes,
  • Yes, I am afraid you have answered your own question Bijan :) I'm not sure what they do exactly but other members from your country experience problems unique to your country's members. I am afraid that this is, as you can imagine, beyond our control.

  • Hello, Sir Josef,

    First, thank you very much for answering me.
    Second, sorry. I don't have another computer.
    Third, the exact page is my new blog page.
    Fourth, I checked with Internet Explorer, and also Mozilla Firefox, but I saw the problem again.
    Fifth, my operating system is Windows7 and my browser is Chrome.
    Sixth, when I click "like" below my exact page (blog post) , it goes to the top of page and don't show me names of members who like my blog post. I repeated it again and again, but it didn't work.
    In addition, it doesn't give me any error. It looks like it cannot load.

    Finally, I can guess (maybe) it is because of my network because it looks like parts of English Club are blocked in my country. I have a few technical problems like this problem on the site.

    Thanks a lot and best wishes,
  • We are sorry to hear about the problem you are having.

    First of all, please check with another computer and/or browser.

    If you still have a problem after that, please provide as much information as you can.

    Please tell us:
    - the exact page/login where the problem occurred
    - any error message(s) that you received
    - your operating system (Windows, Mac etc)
    - your browser (Chrome, Firefox etc)

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