Hello, dearest folks! How's everything around you? As the new year is coming, have you got any plans for the new year holiday? Happy new year to you all in advance.

As my title shows, I'm curious about your traveling footprint in 2014 and your plan in 2015 this time. Giggling~ To be honest, except for work I'm at home always. I've been told many times "hey, young or old, busy or idle, never cage yourself at home!"

So how many places (countries, cities, or streets...anything) except your home have you been this year? How will you draw your travelling map in the coming year?

Thanks for your participation in my topic in advance.

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  • I'm planning to Dubai i really want to see this country
    • That's a wonderful place to go and have a look at!!!

  • Nice discussion, Mickey ;-)
    This year I visited Hungary and Polandas for foreign countries. Finally kids got passports so we will travel more abroad because my country (Czech republic) is not so large. I plan to visit Croatia this year and in the spring I will go to London :)
    • Your travelling map is large! Did you have a good trip to Hungary and Poland? Are there anything that impressed you deeply?

      How old are your lovely kids?

      Giggling, happy 2015!

  • I look forward to visit some Scandinavian countries next summer, I was waiting for this travel looong time ago haha... But hope it won't be the only one since this year I haven't travelled too much (at least not as I,d have liked) just west Europe and spanish cities.

    Btw, China is also one of my dream travell, any tip?
    • Giggling, welcome to China! We have lots of places of interests to visit and sorts of snacks and food! You've never regret if you come, I promise ya! ;-)

      After watching the Vikings, how I would like to visit Scandinavian countries! hehehe, I love the series, so so so much!

      Do you travel alone or with friends?

      Happy new year!

    • Before I got married I used to travel with friends or whoever I wanted to (what a wonderful years haha..) but now I just travel with my wife and sometimes with our children.
    • Giggling, sounds lovely! How old are your kids? Are they naughty? hehehe

    • I have two sons but they seem like four. Do you want one of them? 12 and 9.
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