How to make an online group discussion effective ?

There can be many things to talk about, like:

How many members...?

Members English level...?

How long time...?

How to prepare on topics...?


Timing...? ...and so on.

Please, don't hesitate to share any of your idea. Thanks a bunch in advance!

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  • A good topic + finding interested members in the topic
    • Thank you, dear Sahar!

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    • Are you making joke about it? :)

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    • I am wondering if you are still visiting here.:)

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    • LOL! I am the laziest, too late here. :) Thank you, Sire! And, what you said is right.

  • I think that´s just you create a topic with a good subject. I mean a subject that´s everyone has interested.

    Aparently it´s a easy thing, but like you´ve seen it´s not. 

    Well, this is my tip, look on the papers big news or romantic questions are good too.

    • Thank you, Sir!

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      • Tekosh, I just wanna know other view on this.Thanks for dropping by!

  • Rosalie, I don't think so. I think, we must have some rules in online discussion either, and I'm agree with what Ario said...


  • I think it depends on the subjects of discussion and it needs to know more a bout members caring in addition to care a bout the pleasure time for them beside anyone who care should participate without borders for skills or for certifications ..It's just needing to prepare it well .Nice subject Rajesh  

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