• Trust each other
    • thanks you all for the reply

  • I totally agree with colleagues but I want to add some thing:
    we have to feeling him as partner of decision making
  • - constant communication (always have a quality time for each other even in busy schedules)

    - trust each other

    - love each other more than anyone on this world

    - have faith on each other

    - never lie and cheat

    - always make your partner feel that you love him/her (never forget to say "i love you")

  • :) Thanks..!! Mishaikh,niki

  • I totally agree with Elf :)
  • Elf has encircled the topic very wisely.

  • Every relationship depends

    How much they both have trust+care+sincerity  for each-other..I think , strong relationship requires these three..  

  • Which relation your have in your mind.

    Relationship between husband and wife, lovers, friends parents etc.

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