• From my experience, try to talk about any topic or situation when you find a word you can not express and the word is in the presence of your mind in your native languge, get the meaning from your dictionary then use it directly. Another way try to classify your vocabulary in lists such as fruit list, food list etc order to arrange them in your brain when you want to use them you can easily use.Also by reading when you find a new word you feel it as an important word, look up to the word in your dictionary.

  • Good question my sister :)

    I think reading and listening are the best way for increasing your vocabulary! 

    Keep asking such a good question :D Good Luck dear.

  • i think so as not to forget any words that u memorized , u should write alot every day 

  • The Internet is a great way to find out more about new vocabulary.

    You could also pick some of these new words, and create two or three different phrases or a different sentence for each word, these can be in any tense or, they can be questions, depending on the word, and what you already know about the word.

    After that you could ask a friend on here to offer advice, correct any little mistakes, and respond with other uses for the word.
    Have fun!
    • My dude, bluerose

      I suggest 2 my opinions.

      First, how to find many vocabularies is chatting, reading.

      Second, how to remember them is daily use.

      I always keep in mind these.

      Best wishes.

      • I think you're right

  • let's come bake to childhood ! How did you learn all those vocabularies in your maternal language ? please try to answer this question . 

    If someone asks me the same question I will answer :  Based on the IMPORTANCE of the words !

    Yes ! I mean there is a mechanism in our mind which is evaluating and  filtering all inputs to keep them in mind ore reject them.

    So you can manage the way of your practicing based on the importance of the words concern to your situation . Have you ever seen a baby tried to keep some professional words about politics or economy ?

    No ! 

    But you can see all of them knows so many words about Games/Computer games and maybe they don't know the meaning of those words but they use them easily and most of the time with an excellent pronunciation . 

    How ??

    I think it is related to the concept of the IMPORTANCE as a natural way to learn .

  • Thanks For Inviting me

    Every Day memories new word and Practice and Use that word in your communication skill .

    One important point to increase vocabulary to read more and as soon as get new word mark that word search meaning from dictionary IT help to improve a lot


  • Whenever you come across to any new word, you try to get the meaning of that word immediately so that you can understood the meaning of whole sentence, or note it down in your diary and get the meaning of that word afterwards when you get time. In this way, you will have huge word bank !

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