How do you feel when you speak English? Do you think you could be more relaxed?

I always had this issue when learning foreign languages, I wanted to sound more casual and more like myself but it always required a lot of practice for me. I got an advice from my English tutor (who is a native speaker) to speak slower and to focus, which really helped me. 

I was wondering what helps you? How do you overcome your lack of confidence? Do you have any advice?


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  • I've no such a problem on confidence speaking a language !....Via that way, I'm ab le to speak 3 lingos....Mrs.Ikonic... please bring very serious and interesting topics,....Do you watch international TV programs on documentaries, history, politics ?.. I'm sure no......!

  • i felt like that too in the beginning, but as i start talking everything seems run as well as i wish. so just start talking.

  • As a beginner, I was afraid to speak English for the first two years. I did not think anyone would understand what I said, and I would not understand them either. I only talked to myself in front of the mirror.
    Nowadays, I don't care if I am sometimes wrong.
    It is important to have a good topic for the conversation. If words are missing, we can find other words to explain what we wanted to say.
    After overcoming the first timidity, and give up the erroneous assumption of having to speak like a native speaker, we become more confident step by step.

    • Bravo Mrs. Rose ..You are a good reader, annotator...!...I read all your comments ....


  • Hi,

    This is karthik. Thank you for your postig. Can you please help me to overcome the Fear and make fluent. Please


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