Andrew was a successful doctor and Mary was a competent engineer as well. They met each other in the summer holidays in a company with other young people. They started dating and love emotions started to feel in their hearts. They became a lovely couple and were living a happy life. The years went by and they had a family with two cute girls. Everything seemed normal until Andrew announced that he wanted to leave the house and go abroad to work. Mary was upset and they started fighting but it wasn't the only time. The family environment was in chaos and their lives ,too.

Mary consulted a family advisor and an  astrologer and she realised that Andrew wasn't the right match for her personality. They had to try hard with 

with their relationship, because now they had children of their own and they might be hurt and have psychological trauma throughout their lives.

Andrew was not an easygoing person but Mary was trying to work it out.

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  • Some  aspects can be evaluated in this case: the compatibility, the choices and the investment of each one in the affective relationships.

  • If the person is not compatible, you can not live even a single day.

    • It is really hard to live with these kinds of people. Thanks for your comment.

  • Depends on the importance you give to your own life😅

    • Nice idea! Thanks for your comment.

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