How much do you like your current life?

Are you pleased with your life?

Do you like your current situation? If not, would u mind sharing with us what's wrong?

If you are not fully satisfied with who you are now and not happy with your situation, do you know how to to make your life better? Any changes you think must occur or be made in your path?

Do you feel any need for a change? In what aspect? How do you think that this change can be achieved ?

Have a happy life


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  • I myself feel a need for a big change. What's wrong? It is my being a procrastinator. Today, just because of this characteristic of mine, I couldn't succeed to finish my homework in the due time. Such a bad feeling!

    How can I not procrastinate? Well, actually, the answer is easy. I should not procrastinate! I should do everything as soon as possible. But, to give it a deeper thought, I should figure out what makes me procrastinate? What are the reasons? 

    • Zahra , In this matter I thought that everything is depend on our interest on that work which one we want to do , work that we are doing or going to do  is interesting or not for us.  yo

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