How do you treat stupid people?

In our life the person can face stupid people that ask stupid questions and behave stupidly! I think they should have a special treatment in order to not hurt them or to make them feel outcast or rejected. So how do you think stupid person in your opinion should be treated??

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  • Oh! Yeah, you are right! I agree with you. The most important thing is to not litsen to the nonsense speech.

    Thank you so much for the participation :) 

  • Well, I think that it works sometimes but how that person will feel if all people avoid him/her??

    Thanks for your reply :)

  • Yeah, you are right! No stupid question when learning, I must get agree with you! in something else or behavior no! It's a serious problem. The stupidity is something dangerous and behaving with it, let the other avoiding you, they would make you astray! Can you imagine this? This is why I said they should have a special treatment !!!

  • I try to avoid them....

    • Ok Tatyana, good choice!

  • Sarcastic answers would sometimes secure the person to deal with the stupid questions. I think this is the best solution to make it possible for the stupid to act normally! though my discussion turns around people who act stupidly for purpose.

    Thanks for the nice reply barbare :)

  • no one stupid .just give them smile and say gudbye :)

    • Thank you Adnan, yes maybe :)

  • dear esma

    i always noticed thta ignorance click everyone alots

    so just ignore these type of ppl n keep silent ..if they r knwing they will do it lil if they r really stupid then God's merci on them......

    • Dear Sana, I don't keep stupid people be close to me otherwise I would be sick, I always know how to stay far of them. My discussion is about a real life, I can't apply your advice in the real life, how they'll think about me? But it works very well in Ec :)

      Anyway, thanks for your reply :)

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