The idea that "it's better to be alone than with people who are not good for us" is a powerful reminder that the company we keep can significantly impact our well-being. It suggests that the quality of our relationships matters more than the quantity. In the pursuit of solitude, we might find that being alone allows us to focus on what truly matters, set personal goals, and work towards them without distraction. 

How do you find peace in a world filled with noise?

Can solitude contribute to your personal and professional growth? Or being surrounded by many people is better for you?


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  • No matter if I'm alone or surrounded by people whenever I've peace of mind,  no matter even where I am but i wouldn't mind to be on a desert island for some time like Tom Hanks.

    • Well, Estanis, as long as you have a volleyball to keep you company, being stranded on a desert island might not be so bad! Just remember, if you start arguing with "Wilson," it might be time to start building that raft. And don't forget to pack the sunscreen; those desert island rays are no joke! ️

      Grateful to the only participant in this discussion, dear Estanis. 

      If one mind asking me, I would agree with you. No matter if I am alone or surrounded by people, I can always find my inner peace, especially if people keep a certain distance when I am not in the mood to speak with them. 

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