• What when I don't have any?

    • If you have any to share, it's ok, but if you really have no hopes, it's really sad. Wish I could send you some powers to help  stay strong, but all I can do is to send a few bits of love.   Chin up dear friend, keep safe!  We need a little bit of patience, people are amazingly creative creatures, eventually will find a way out of this . 

    • Oh, sorry, Helen. Maybe I wrote it the wrong way... 

      I have absolutely NO HOPES for our nature and planet. My life is fine, I don't have anything to complain, and Corona is no threat to me. I don't feel restricted, we don't have such strong measures here. Things are already going back to normal. People will have to live with that threat for some time. I don't share the opinion that Corona is the end of humanity. But for the poor people this is going to become a disaster. I also don't have hope for them. 

      Thanks for your wishes. I appreciate this. I should have written more clearly what I think.

    • Oh, it was my fault of being quick to assume things you didn't said, sorry. But I am glad to see you are ok. Thank you so much for your kind response.

  • nice video.

    you can share your favorite youtube videos in "videos section".

    just go to the following page and click on + at the top-right corner.


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    • Thank you very much, Muhammad, I noticed, but if there is no trouble, if possible,  I would like  to keep it here, hopefully it will spark some discussion?

    • Oh, I thought you didn't know that. 😀


  • Hello world! Ths is a beautiful, touching video. Do you think our world needs to change, if yes, what changes would you like to have? 

    • Yes, world have to change, what I feel this world is not for only human we need to consider all the animals, birds,species all are in the same world leave together with us, we should realise now onwards.

    • Thank you Sekhar, I agree with you, indeed, we need to respect and live in harmony with nature. 

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