Hello everyone, I am Mah. At this moment I have been living in Indonesia but I am from Brazil (Brasil). I have learned English by myself and I really need practice my speaking skill that is terrible. I decided start a EnglishClub with some friends. We will meet once a week to speak English. I'm here to learn more from you guys and to get ideias for my EnglishClub. Thank you

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  • Hi!

    Currently I study Portugués, and I Speak english, may we change the idiom..


    • hi, carlos, can i chat with you?

  • welcome.. :)

  • Hi, This is Russel from Bangladesh. I am trying to improve my english speaking skill. I want to make conversation with you. My skype id is russelgmt

    • hi, russel, i've said hello to you on skype, hope for your repky.

  •  Hello Mah, I'm Favola20 from Italy and I'm very glad to help you with your skills (writing, reading, listening, speaking and pronunciation). I signed up here in Englishclub just to improve my general knowledge of English language because where I work , English is much more required than other foreign language you know. 

    Here you will find one of my posts in the forums that could be helpful to you: https://www.myenglishclub.com/discussions/hello-are-you-in-trouble-...

    And if you want, we could also be mutual friends..... Have a nice week full of every good you need and see you soon on EnglishClub.

    Hello, are you in trouble with English language?
    Hello, if you are in trouble with English language, it's made of four skills that you need to know:  listening, reading, writing, speaking and also p…
  • hey there i'm just sign up in this website to find someone to practice on English lang so if want we can do it with eachother 

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