Hello everyone, I am Mah. At this moment I have been living in Indonesia but I am from Brazil (Brasil). I have learned English by myself and I really need practice my speaking skill that is terrible. I decided start a EnglishClub with some friends. We will meet once a week to speak English. I'm here to learn more from you guys and to get ideias for my EnglishClub. Thank you

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  • hello i am Cenk we may have a  video chat on Skype 


  • Hello Mah, I am here for the same reason. If you want we can practice together

  • hello Mah, i'm from brazil too and my english speaking is terrible too kk. if you want practice together i will enjoy it. 

  • My skype id -  namitkumar.nk2002@outlook.com


  • Hi Mauricea, I'm Dumitru from Romania and I'd like speaking each other, if you want too. My id skype is dtdt.2013

  • welcome to country +62

  • Hi!

    Currently I study Portugués, and I Speak english, may we change the idiom..


    • hi, carlos, can i chat with you?

  • Hi, This is Russel from Bangladesh. I am trying to improve my english speaking skill. I want to make conversation with you. My skype id is russelgmt

    • hi, russel, i've said hello to you on skype, hope for your repky.

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