I found this topic and I thought that it could be a funny thing to share here with all the MyEC crowd!

Here it goes: 

You're on a date and can ONLY TALK about the LAST THING YOU GOOGLED.
So, What are you talkin' about? :P



(here a pic 'cause i know some of you only check the images (can't blame you, i do that too))


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  • Marrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!  (=^-^=)/

    last time I goggle about the drama series that I watched have a book or not.. lol


  • Yesterday I gooled about createnine level.....so, I am gonna talk about it.

    • Oh, nice, that's very interesting...


  • Okaaay, I'll start with this, geezz... ¬¬

    My last googled thing was in Goodreads, looking for the summary of some books. Making it simple, one is about weird people living in a big house and the other is about the Death.
    So I'd have a very interesting date talkin' about death and weird stuff. Which is just what a call a 'normal day' :P

    • You should go to 'First Dates' T.V program  :D

      ...please don't forget to advise me. 

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