Hello everybody, I love to hear English songs to improve my knowledge of English language and I am sure that someone of you could love some songs in English.

My favorite English songs are for example: Princes of the universe, I was born to love you, Somebody to love, Another brick in the wall.....

Which English songs are your favorite to improve your general knowledge of English language and also grammar, direct or undirect speech, writing, listening, reading and pronunciation?

All your favorite songs could be posted here, but please tell me who is the singer (band or a single man/woman which is the single singer) and where I can find them.

I am waiting for your answers and I hope you could have a beautiful day tomorrow. 

See you soon on EnglishClub!!






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  • How do songs teach you English? The better way is reading and listening to native books or articles. This is my simple opinion. Thank you  Rita Daniela Balestrieri.   

    Rita Daniela Balestrieri
    myEnglishClub (myEC), your page in English
  • If you want to improve your English speaking and listening skills, I will recommend you "listen to old songs".
    From my point of view, the accent of old songs is more clear and understandable in comparison to today's worst accent of songs. :D
    Finally, I clarify this "By only listening to songs you can't improve your English skills". :)

    • Hello Ahmed, I agree with you but not at all: in fact if you want to improve your English skills, you need to improve grammar first of all and then step by step, you could also improve your general knowledge of English. I don't have a good prononciation of English words, but sometimes I try to pronounce English words as I hear them and if the result is positive, I proceed with the next step or I stop myself there and I'll repeat each word to focus it in my mind.

      As every Englishman says: a calm sea doesn't make a skilled sailor. Do you know what that English proverb means or you need an explanation of it? 

      I'm sure you are able to consider all and then you could also reply to me. See you soon and have a nice Wednesday.


  • Uf....there were soooooo soooo many songs....Hard to chose some even. But the best ever song..lol...is..."Once I caught a fish alive" (( kidding) . But a very nice one for babies to teach them to count from one to ten.

    • Escuse me O. M. but I don't know that song and I  wouldl ike to know who is the singer of that song (it could be a single one man or woman or a band/group). Please could you tell me more on that song? Thank you very much and I hope you could have a nice Sunday.

      • Oh, Rita )) I was speaking about songs for kids ). As far as any song one can use for learning...Personally I did it just like that. That's why I said it was difficult to choose any.. )).

        But if you are really interested..here is the link for the song I mentioned (my favorite one). And it can be sung by different people ))):



  • Ciao Rita Daniela. I used to listen to Abba, Boney M, Diana Ross, Bob Marley. I listened  to  the team U2 and their song, New Years Day. It was my favourite song. Try to listen to it. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Hello Dara Gino, I have never listened to the U2 song New years day. I know because he's a famous singeer Bob Marley and also Diana Ross is a famous woman that sings very beatifully... I'll try to listen to them and after having heard their songs I will know you how were these songs for me. Ah, by the way, would you become one of my friends? Tell me something on the forum, thank you very much and see you soon. I hope you could have a nice weekend!!!

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