In many occasions in life we get gifts and we offer gift too...

What's the importance of gifts in our life .....The most importatnt,what's can be the trace of the gift in our life??..In your opinion the valeur of the gift is when is given or when it's big and expensive??



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  • really it's very beautiful subject and really we don't care it the present is big or small but we care just for its lovely meaning for our relationships and how much we love those people who took it from us and our prophet Muhammad ,peace be upon him, advised  us to give each others gifts to grow love between us. 2385195631?profile=original


      You are right dear reliance, The prophet peace be upon him,adivised at to offer gifts and to accept it too.

      My best regards!!!2392792027?profile=original

  • Gifts are very important in our life and strengthen the relations.
    When I get gift I feel happy regardless the price of the gift and the thing that makes me happy is that I am in mind.

    • I am happy to have your opinion amani


  • Thanks to share your opinion

    • Hi Liedy ,

      Yes , in fact gifts are very important to us , one most important thing should be clear here , that when we get gift we feel only love and affection of gift given person , price worth is not important to us , in the gift it may be a fresh single rose , price is not important to us , only important is presentation . 

      LIEDY , It is only my thinking , may be you don't agree with me. 

      Subhash Jain  

      • Hello SUBHASH

        I really respected your opinion and iam agree with you.

        The most imprtant is to have persons who are thinking about us and gift us.having this persons for me is a gift....

        My best regard2393674212?profile=original

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