Dear members of MyEC. Would you like to take part in a new challenge?

I would ask you to create a suitable headline for each image you see below.

In a week I'll tell you which one I liked best.

I wish you all a lot of fun!


Here you go!

Picture 1



Picture 2





Picture 4


The source of the pics:


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  • Here is the summary of the headings created until today, Saturday, January 30th, 2021.

    My thank goes to all the creative members, named below.

    Picture 1:

    Estanis:      1. Struggling with pensions sustainability
    Kate:           1.Blocking a pensioners social card.
    Augustina: 1. Remembering youth. Revenge for a seized driving license.
    Bosona:      1. When the pension is reduced.
    Shaheen:   1. Guys, you have no idea how to save your ticket money!!
    Emma:       1. You got a good idea only when you better dash.

    Picture 2:

    Estanis       2. The Unbearable Lightness of Being
    Augustina: 2. Between sleep and reality. First-morning wish.
    Bossona     2. I am not getting older!
    Shaheen:    2. A shackle in the time machine!

    Picture 3:

    Estanis:      3. Fail in matrix :o
    Kate:           3. In Russia, there are two troubles fools and roads.
    Augustina: 3. Scientist vs risk-taker.
    Bossona:   3. Infrastructural achievements of new generations
    Shaheen:   3. Amazing street painting in the rural setting.

    Picture 4:

    Estanis:      4. Next step of Ryan Air. (Coming soon)
    Kate:           4.Who said that a person born to crawl can't fly?
    Augustina: 4. More fun together. No one will guess who needs it more.
    Bossona:    4. love is in the air.
    Shaheen:    4. A free ride in the air. Or, A nest in the air.

    I am going to add my headlines soon, too, but they are out of competition.

    Next Wednesday, I will announce the winners.


  • Picture 1 :  you got an good idea only when you better dash.


  • Dear Rose Iris! Thanks a lot for these photos. You gave me the opportunity to laugh and exercise.
    Here are my variants:
    1. Remembering youth.
    Revenge for a seized driving licence.
    2. Between sleep and reality.
    First morning wish.
    3. Scientist vs risk-taker.
    Did I fall off my bike? Did I drink something wrong? Did...? Am I...??
    4. More fun together.
    No one will guess who needs it more.

    • I like your headlines, each of them are special on own way 👍

      But, " first mornig wish"  dominates :d 

    • It is my favourite too.    :)

    • I had no idea that you are such a witty person. Double-coated heading where the most crunchy taste is lied in the second layer. Last line is superb one!! Thanks for sharing . 

    • I'm glad to hear it!

    • Hi, Augustina. 

      You presented one more view of these pictures. 

      I like it. Thanks a lot. 

      My pleasure if I made you laugh. 



    • :)    When is the next time?

    • Augustina, do you want more of those kind of pictures? 

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