I've many friends, who're in struggling period and some of them are looking for a Job. 

They're worried about their future, they think I'm an experience and wise person who can advice them that how they can have success in their life.

I asked them, do you really want good future?

They replied, Yes!

I said work hard and everything will be in your favor one day.

They said, this is not a new thing everyone would suggest so.

I shared a quote with them which I read on internet.

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work"

People say there is big competition in field, you've to beat many people out there to get something, because there are thousands of candidates after the same thing you're willing to have.

I believe you've only one competitor and that's yourself. 

If you can beat yourself then you have the ability to beat anyone .

I need your opinions, and the problems you're facing today.

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  • I agree with you.we should believe in ourselves otherwise we cant reach anywhere.i say,never ever settle down for something low,always aim for heights.Moreover we should try to face obstacles with a smile because it would help us to get polished to a precious gem one day
    • Thank you syed and thanks for putting up this discussion :-)
    • Very well said, and thanks for participating in this discussion.

  • Thanks for participating. 

  • It's not about having a good job it's about fighting with yourself not only to earn money but there could be more reason to control ourselves. 

  • Many thanks for adding your thoughts to my discussion, yeah it's not so easy to control ourselves. 

  • I would say it depends on many circumstances. U can work but hard-boss is unfair u won't get promoted, u can educate yourself to find good job but there is big unemployement in your city and u have no money to travel. Sometimes we all might get stuck but I think that the most important and satisfying thing is ..to love your job then you don't need to fight with yourself. Plus not all ppl are so much into career...
    • Lmao I would never do that!! I meant it like from your answer was lil bit visible you connsider me silly thatbi didn't get it !!! Pfff ...good misunderstanding :D
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