Hi guys, 

There are so many groups here on the EC page...Skypers (male/female/mixed)...WhatsAppers....killing fear .. improving everything....but.. hardly some of them are really alive. So, my questions are:

Which group do you belong to? Is it still active? Would you recommend to join it? What do you do there (I mean if it is really useful)?

I think to join something..but I am totally lost...and wouldn't want to be disappointed for joining and not seeing any single movement there.

Thank you.

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  • OM dear, I want to create a group named "Chicks with Kicks- for girls only"....hahahaha..I miss you dear 

  • Dear O.M,

    If you want to keep a Group alive, you should add some free offline services! By "offline", I mean services that do not require the admin to be online 24/7.

    Just look at the SKYPERS Group. I just check SKYPERS Group once a week and it's always on top. why?

    1st, It meets people's needs. 2nd, I'm providing some good quality and free offline services. I just do some group management at my rest time at work! People are Satisfied and these services don't take me much time. 

    Another good example is Gabriel's Pronunciation Group. Free offline Services!

    Attract people to the group. then you can do your desired activities on that group.

    btw, if you have any Qs on making, designing, and managing a group on MyEC, just ask me.


    • Dear ★ Mohammad A.,

      Thanks a lot for honoring this discussion with your presence. I am really grateful.

      The question of mine was not to maintain any of the groups alive but to join one which is still alive.

      Yes, you are absolutely right, some members really try hard (me in their list) to help Gabriel and to raise the interest of members....but it is still not enough. 

      The other group which I found active is "let's talk! It's Wednesday" created by teacher Pilar. Many people have joined, but only several take an active part in it. And yeah, I have joined them, and thankful to all of the guys who keep it moving. 

      I have visited, "readers' corner"...I have tried "poetry", "singing", "improving grammar", and many others...all of them are just dead. And no participants alive. It is like to come to a destroyed old city....life was there...but no more.

      I do not try to find who is guilty or who to blame... I just want old members and newcomers to be a bit more active and make EC as cheerful and useful platform as it used to be.

      As for making, designing, and managing a new group...I have to say that I am not the best person to do this. Neither by my organizing abilities nor by time. I can join, I can take part in some, I can support as much as I am able to but not lead one....

      Though, thanks for your wish to help. It was really generous of you. I hope any of the new members will find your offer useful.

      PS.: My bad...I have never dropped in YOUR Skypers group..hhh. Didn't know it was that active. I will definitely do it!

    • To revive this community, we must form a committee to merge different ideas. We need collective management.

  • So far EC is lacking a dance club, I would request you to have a sympathized look on the score of its necessity.  

    • Lol, Shaheen...if only people came to dance here...hehe..but so far they come to learn English...So...I think this idea will be banned here as soon as it appears ))) Therefore...I can only thank you for dropping by and taking part in the discussion, as well as for your creative idea ). 

      PS.: Though, no one can forbid some gifs here...heheh... There's plenty to learn from such kids: 

      Dance Kids GIF - Dance Kids Ballroom GIFs

  • I guess this one. I created one discussion under this group which I can't find. 


    I'm too old to use this platform now .... :D couldn't find the link . :)

    See you around Dear.

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  • Hey dear Olga, 

    Nice to read your blog. Well, if you wanna join a group then why not Gabriel's group for pronunciation. 

    I had invited people to read story :p but seems they didn't like the idea. Only Rose participated. :D

    My writing was horrible there :p lol

    Lemme find the link for you.

    • SNR...Hiii...

      Yeah, that was a great one, indeed....but unfortunately, it's as dead as that being flogged dead horse... Hardly one drop in there to participate. 

      And ouuhh..hahah, I shared there my two cents too. 

      I do not know why people who come to learn here do not want to be challenged....so pity.

    • HI OM 

      Some are shy n they feel they don't sound good enough. 

      Imperative part of learbing is challenging yourself. I feel m no more a learner  here in EC coz most of the time m absent :D lol


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