Do Your Quotes Represent You?

In EC, when I visit any of member’s page, I see beautiful and very meaningful quotes. These quotes tell us something about the person’s character. They add many things to our lives. If everybody followed their quotes, then I think, the world would be a better place.

I want to ask a question about the quotes you choose. Are you really bound up with your quotes?

You can also answer this question:

If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like, and like so many things we don’t do?

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  • this is my dream see this word :) 

  •  thanks dear Yasemin I like your blog :) 

    "who lives sees, but who travels sees more"


    • Hi Blurose,

      We have that quote in my language, and I totally agree with it. 

      I wish I can travel the whole world!...:)

      Thanks Dear...

  • Thanks Dear Karenina,

    I have seen those quotes you wrote under your challange photo. All of them are so meaningful. Napoleon Hill's quotes are so incentive for a successful life.


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    • Then, I am sure it will represent you! ;)

  • I also love your quote a lot. "Edison failed 10,000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times." ~ Napoleon Hill

    This quote motivates me very much. I will keep this in my mind everyday. In fact, I will write this on my wall, in my room!

    Thank you very much, Karenine for this wonderful quote!

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    • Absolutely right! But, in my opinion, this is valid for everything in the world. There are many things in this world God created for us. If we don't use them, who will? We can only learn these after tasting them, right?

      Thanks Nandor for your quote.

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        • Unfortunately, we humankind are short-attention-span people. In general, we can't learn things wihout being forced. When you ask a person "what are your hobbies?" it is highly possible you get the answer "swimming, listening to music, going out". Same answers... Bcoz, we are not accustomed to doing things by our own will. It would be great if we lerned for our pleasure. What really matters is when we see how well everything works together. The only thing we have to do is to taste the pudding. ;)

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    • Sweet Sandy,

      It is true that you are such an optimistic person. And, I am sure the more I know you, the more I will learn from you. I agree with you, we have to motivate ourself for positive thinking. Saying a simple "good morning" to someone can motivate both a lot. 

      But, with your this optimism, you will join my psycho teasers!! At least to bring optimism to psychos!! haha :))

  • Funny, it went to my page alright, usually it goes to both. There must be something wrong with the EC website program. Anyway I’ll write it again :

    My quote “Practice makes perfect” doesn’t represent me at all Yas-chan, because I have done a lot of practices and don’t make the thing perfect. I don’t know where I got that quote but I liked it, so I applied in my daily life. The more I practiced the more I messed it up. In fact it messed up both me and the thing I was trying to make it perfect. Hahaha poor me! Perhaps I’d better change my quote.


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