• I miss the innocence of children the way you can shape their reality and they believe it. so yeah I miss it.

  • I don't doubt, shabeen! I do love and miss my childhood too!


  • constantine, thanks for your profound comment, it really makes me think!

    I enjoy the present actually, and I like every minute that life offers to me. I feel myself is like a general, and my soldiers are the minutes of my whole life. I own such a large army, why not cherish my army and make a difference with the co-work with it? The past is like the died soldier in the battlefiled, I of course miss it and thank it. The present is like my soldiers at the time being, and the future is like the coming soldier...

    Also, many times I let nature take its course. I am not in a hurry. I am spontaneous.

    Thank you again, constantine!

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    • very nice and true comment, Pavel. I agree with you everything is changeable. We have to move one together with time, and live for the present and hope for the future...

      But there is a bridge available for us to look back sometimes, that's our memory! I guess until I die, I won't forget the sweet momery of my childhood. giggling~

      Thanks a million for your comment, Pavel!

  • Hi Mickey. I really miss my childhood... and want to return my childhood, but I can't. Being a kid is better than being an adult, because a kid doesn't have to think about money, fame, social status, etc. 

    Also I want to be a kid to watch some of my favorite cartoons, such as Tom and Jerry, Mickey mouse, etc without thinking about my age. :D


    • Dear Kanna, first of all, thanks for your kind comment!

      Secondly, I agree with you, I like and miss my childhood~;-)

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    • How is your grandma? It must be a pretty village~ ;-) Thanks for your comment!

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    • Really! I can't agree with you more!

      Kidult or manchild~ giggling~

  • My answer is absolutely yeah that I missed my childhood very much . At that time , I played the mud and jump lattice with my little partners . We didn't have any real toys like doll . I remember I made a doll by myself that made me very exciting for few days .

    My childhood is nice , but I don't want my life come again ! I love every period of my life even if I am getting old .
    • Thanks for your nice answer! I played the mud and jumped lattice when I was a kid as well!

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